Moving house can be quite stressful, whether it’s moving to an address down the street or to a different city altogether. But with the right team on board things can be quite easy and hassle free. In order to make the move go as smoothly as possible you need a team of dedicated moving professionals with a great track record. That's where Affordable Movers can help!

Affordable Home and Office Moving Specialists in Auckland

We provide effective resources and tools to help you with local or long distance moving of home or business at competitive prices, offering great value for money. Our professional team takes care of every aspect of the move from packing, loading, delivering, unpacking to the highest standards of quality and safety. We take pride in offering flexible moving solutions for all your needs and budgets.

Using the Right Materials

A seasoned moving service provider knows that comprehensive packing skills make the task much easier. There are a few secrets only professional packers know to make moving day easier. We have the tools and techniques to pack your items properly ensuring there's nothing missing, dented or scratched when it arrives at the other end. So, keep your valuables safe and sound with our professionally managed moving service.

Professional and Stress Free Moving Service

We provide fast, reliable and hassle-free moving and cleaning services across Auckland region. Our effective and efficient moving plan helps you with all types of moving services- Single item, Residential, Commercial/Office and Cleaning. A professional team like Affordable Movers have years of experience in relocation services offering high standards and setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Why Choose Affordable Movers?

Whether you are moving house or business across Auckland, Affordable Movers offer a full range of cost-effective and tailor-made relocation services to meet your specific needs. Our services do not include any hidden charges and we work seven days a week. We respect the fact that your possessions mean so much to you and we strive to make Moving easy and stress free. To find out how we can make your moving day easier, simply call us at 0800 11 55 02 now!

Moving Services for Every Budget

Being a leading moving service provider in Auckland we offer tailor-made services to suit all budgets and needs. Our services include

  • Saver Move
  • Standard Move
  • Premium Move
  • Elite Move
  • Office Move

For details about these services, please visit:

Reliable and Recommended Moving Company:

We are one of the highly recommended home and office moving companies based in Auckland who take great pride in their workmanship. We get most of our business through word-of-mouth referrals. A lot of happy customers recommend us to their friends and family, which is really rewarding experience. We go above and beyond to ensure a stress free moving experience. Affordable Movers are a team Auckland has come to rely on.

Making Your Move Secure:

We at Affordable Movers understand how important it is to get your valuable items to a new location safely. Relocation can be quite stressful, whether you are moving across the street or to a longer distance. Since security is paramount, so choosing a reliable moving partner is a great first step to stay safe during relocation. We would love to share few handy moving tips to maintain security and make relocation a stress-free experience.

  • Always make a checklist of your inventory. Ensure that you list all items that need to be transported.
  • Make two copies of the checklist. Keep one copy to yourself and others to the moving company you hire.
  • It is always a good idea to Declutter before relocating. There is no point in packing up items only to discard them later because of lack of storage in new home/office.
  • So downsizing will definitely help you same time and money.
  • That way, it is easier to track your list of items and content of the boxes.
  • Hiring reliable and professional movers will make sure that your valuable items and furniture get safely to your new location.
  • Make sure moving company is registered and check their website for more information. You can also read online reviews from previous clients.
Moving? We can Help!

With years of experience and thousands of moves under our belt, Affordable Movers are a well known name among house/office movers. Our professional approach and customer service skills make us one of the preferred moving companies in Auckland. Our competitively priced services help us meet every client’s needs. We work on an hourly basis, but can provide fixed price if requested, which involve a site visit. This provides a lot of flexibility to house movers in Auckland. Our affordable moving quotes and great quality of service makes us highly recommended movers. We are proud of our expert moving team. They are skilled, experienced and insured, so you can always count on them.

Affordable Movers believe that your possessions are your sentiments and we are always willing to walk that extra mile to ensure your move is stress-free and a pleasant experience!